Joanna Gleason - Agony

Joanna Gleason - Agony
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Agony Lyrics
[00:00.16]Agony - Robert Westenberg/Chuck Wagner/Paul Gemignani/Original Broadway Cast of Into the Woods
[00:01.58]Written by:Stephen Sondheim
[00:04.86]Did I abuse her or show her disdain
[00:08.60]Why does she run from me
[00:12.78]If I should lose her how shall I regain
[00:16.28]The heart she has won from me
[00:20.50]Agony beyond power of speech
[00:26.64]When the one thing you want
[00:30.34]Is the only thing out of your reach
[00:35.08]High in her tower she sits by the hour
[00:38.18]Maintaining her hair
[00:42.51]Blithe and becoming and frequently humming
[00:45.87]A light hearted air
[00:52.08]Agony far more painful than yours
[00:58.05]When you know she would go with you
[01:01.72]If there only were doors
[01:05.17]Agony all the torture they teach
[01:13.05]Whats as intriguing or half so fatiguing
[01:16.44]As whats out of reach
[01:19.59]Am I not sensitive clever
[01:22.06]Well mannered considerate
[01:23.82]Passionate charming
[01:25.53]As kind as Im handsome
[01:27.28]And heir to a throne
[01:28.94]You are everything maidens could wish for
[01:31.85]Then why no
[01:32.77]Do I know
[01:33.62]The girl must be mad
[01:37.05]You know nothing of madness
[01:40.95]Till youre climbing her hair
[01:43.21]And you see her up there as youre nearing her
[01:46.51]And all the while hearing her
[01:54.29]Agony misery though its different for each
[02:00.04]Always ten steps behind
[02:01.98]Always ten feet below
[02:03.75]And shes just out of reach
[02:07.22]Agony that can cut like a knife
[02:14.24]I must have her to wife

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