Eddie Cochran - Weekend - take-13a, stereo

Eddie Cochran - Weekend - take-13a, stereo
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Artists Eddie Cochran
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Weekend - take-13a, stereo Lyrics
[00:00.69]Weekend - Eddie Cochran
[00:05.51]Friday night
[00:06.51]Everythings right for the weekend
[00:10.24]Crazy clothes
[00:11.39]Anything goes on the weekend
[00:15.22]John got Ann and Jim got Sue
[00:17.54]I made a date with little ol you
[00:19.93]Off we went to make a big 10 on the weekend
[00:27.37]Boy  its great
[00:28.13]Just a-stayin out late on the weekend
[00:32.08]Know a spot and I like it a lot on the weekend
[00:36.97]Took a road to Lookout Hill
[00:39.38]The view up there is sure a thrill
[00:41.81]What a night to hold you tight on a weekend
[00:49.04]There we were just
[00:50.21]Sittin cool and cozy
[00:53.98]Just about to steal a little kiss
[00:58.59]The police with a flashlight bright and nosy
[01:03.59]Who do you neck oer there  What is all this 
[01:08.55]Car top down  just a-ridin around on the weekend
[01:13.48]Took a chance on crashin a dance on the weekend
[01:18.25]We were almost inside the place
[01:20.52]When somebody slammed the door in my face
[01:23.07]Hey  you guys have gotta wear ties on the weekend 
[01:30.33]No harm done  just a-havin some fun on the weekend
[01:35.02]That was all  we had a big ball on the weekend

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