Lena Horne - I Love to Love - Live

Lena Horne - I Love to Love - Live
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Artists Lena Horne
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I love to love - live Lyrics
[00:00.62]I Love to Love - Lena Horne
[00:06.44]Degustubus non disputandemaeus  shaqeur un sangue
[00:13.93]Which means that you do what you like to do best
[00:16.88]Its strictly up to you
[00:20.51]Well  Ive been around from coast to coast
[00:24.90]And theres only one shaqeur  I dig the most
[00:32.75]I love to love and plenty of love each night
[00:40.01]I love to love is so good it cant be right
[00:47.44]Dont want a man with Harvard or Yale degrees
[00:54.83]I dont intend to play information please
[01:02.21]Squeeze me or youll freeze me
[01:09.87]Youve got to Romeo me  make me feel like Im Salome
[01:17.51]Dont want a man to sit there and talk to much
[01:25.31]Just need a guy with a Marlon Brando touch
[01:32.44]Cause Im tired of all the times Ive felt
[01:36.29]Like a piece of butter  about to melt
[01:40.55]Want him to crush his lips against mine
[01:44.58]Wanna feel lightnin tickle my spine
[01:48.60]I want what there can never be too much of
[01:55.39]I love to love
[02:00.53]Inflame me  go on and maim me
[02:08.62]When the iron is hot  strike it
[02:13.28]Hold me  I like it  I like
[02:17.36]Dont need a moon above when the magic starts
[02:25.63]Cupid  whered ya get those crazy darts
[02:33.24]I cant stand baseball  the games insane
[02:37.40]What I like cant be called on account of rain
[02:41.88]Dont wanna be like Madame Curie
[02:46.04]Discoverin things means nothin to me
[02:50.30]Its all been discovered in what Im thinkin of
[02:57.90]I love to love
[03:03.23]Cherche me  sil vous plait me
[03:12.23]Gimme that real life drama
[03:16.76]Baby  this is Sin-o-Rama
[03:20.86]Want him to hug me  hold me  and whisper love
[03:29.36]Dont mean for him to leave when I holler  go
[03:37.59]To sit me on the couch where I cant resist
[03:42.36]You dont have to be a psychiatrist
[03:46.35]Just build me an earthquake fast as you can
[03:50.70]I got me a hobby  my hobby is man
[03:55.95]Its what I intend to build my collection of
[04:04.81]Mmmmm  I love to love

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