Musical Mania - High Flying Adored

Musical Mania - High Flying Adored
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Artists Musical Mania
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High flying adored Lyrics
[00:01.74]High Flying Adored - Musical Mania
[00:08.16]High flying  adored
[00:11.60]So young  the instant queen
[00:15.54]A rich beautiful thing  of all the talents
[00:21.26]A cross between a fantasy of the bedroom and a saint
[00:30.90]You were just a backstreet girl
[00:34.71]Hustling and fighting  scratching and biting
[00:38.36]High flying  adored
[00:42.11]Did you believe in your wildest moments
[00:46.02]All this would be yours
[00:49.45]That youd become the lady of them all
[00:55.22]Were there stars in your eyes
[00:58.33]When you crawled in at night
[01:02.63]From the bars  from the sidewalks
[01:05.37]From the gutter theatrical
[01:10.96]Dont look down  its a long  long way to fall
[01:22.18]High flying  adored
[01:25.47]What happens now  where do you go from here
[01:29.83]For someone on top of the world
[01:33.59]The view is not exactly clear
[01:37.44]A shame you did it all at twenty-six
[01:45.69]There are no mysteries now
[01:48.95]Nothing can thrill you  noone fulfill you
[01:53.42]High flying  adored
[01:56.41]I hope you come to terms with boredom
[02:00.02]So famous so easily  so soon
[02:05.58]Its not the wisest thing to be
[02:09.35]You wont care if they love you
[02:13.30]Its been done before
[02:17.00]Youll despair if they hate you
[02:20.94]Youll be drained of all energy
[02:25.27]All the young whove made it would agree
[02:36.40]High flying  adored
[02:40.26]Thats good to hear but unimportant
[02:47.32]My storys quite usual
[02:48.32]Local girl makes good  worlds famous man
[02:53.41]I was stuck in the right place at the perfect time
[03:00.72]Filled a gap  I was lucky
[03:04.95]But one thing Ill say for me
[03:08.90]Noone else can fill it like I can

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