louis jordan - Baby It's Cold Outside

louis jordan - Baby It's Cold Outside
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Baby it's cold outside Lyrics
[00:00.33]Baby  Its Cold Outside - Ella Fitzgerald
[00:08.93]I really cant stay
[00:10.47]But baby its cold outside
[00:12.92]I got to go away
[00:14.31]But baby its cold outside
[00:17.07]This evening has been
[00:18.62]Been hoping that youd drop in
[00:20.83]So very nice
[00:21.86]Ill hold your hands theyre just like ice
[00:25.65]My mother will start to worry
[00:27.89]Beautiful whats your hurry
[00:29.76]And father will be pacing the floor
[00:32.06]Listen to the fireplace roar
[00:34.01]So really id better scurry
[00:36.23]Beautiful please dont hurry
[00:38.27]Maybe just a half a drink more
[00:40.62]Put some records on while i pour
[00:42.66]The neighbors might think
[00:44.01]Baby its bad out there
[00:46.20]Say whats in this drink
[00:47.92]No cabs to be had out there
[00:50.52]I wish i knew how
[00:52.21]Your eyes are like starlight now
[00:54.19]To break the spell
[00:55.40]Ill take your hat your hair looks swell
[00:59.32]I ought to say no no no sir
[01:02.04]Mind if i move in closer
[01:03.84]At least im gonna say that i tried
[01:06.06]Whats the sense of hurting my pride
[01:07.79]I really cant stay
[01:08.99]Baby dont hold out
[01:10.74]Ahh but its cold outside
[01:15.80]I simply must go
[01:17.41]But baby its cold outside
[01:20.07]The answer is no
[01:21.73]But baby its cold outside
[01:24.37]This welcome has been
[01:25.84]How lucky that you dropped in
[01:27.79]So nice and warm
[01:29.12]Look out the window at that storm
[01:33.00]My sister will be suspicious
[01:35.09]Gosh your lips look delicious
[01:37.31]My brother will be there at the door
[01:39.68]Waves upon a tropical shore
[01:41.64]My maiden aunts mind is vicious
[01:44.19]Ooh your lips are delicious
[01:45.60]Well maybe just a cigarette more
[01:48.11]Never such a blizzard before
[01:49.76]Ive got to get home
[01:51.30]But baby youll freeze out there
[01:53.34]Say lend me a coat
[01:55.56]Its up to your knees out there
[01:58.08]Youve really been grand
[01:59.79]I thrill when you touch my hand
[02:01.76]But dont you see
[02:03.06]How can you do this thing to me
[02:06.87]Theres bound to be talk tomorrow
[02:09.04]Think of my life long sorrow
[02:11.23]At least there will plenty implied
[02:13.47]If you caught pnuemonia and died
[02:15.56]I really cant stay
[02:16.78]Get over that old doubt
[02:18.47]Ahh but its cold outside
[02:23.71]Where could you be going
[02:25.83]When the wind is blowing
[02:27.60]And its cold oustide
[02:31.42]Baby its cold
[02:34.53]Cold outside

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