Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour

Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour
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Artists Megadeth
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In my darkest hour Lyrics
[00:01.43]In My Darkest Hour
[01:14.48]In my hour of need
[01:18.80]Ha no youre not there
[01:23.48]And though I reached out for you
[01:27.85]Wouldnt lend a hand
[01:32.16]Through the darkest hour
[01:36.21]Grace did not shine on me
[01:40.57]It feels so cold very cold
[01:45.25]No one cares for me
[02:05.73]Did you ever think I get lonely
[02:08.29]Did you ever think that I needed love
[02:10.10]Did you ever think to stop thinking
[02:12.10]Youre the only one that Im thinking of
[02:16.09]Youll never know how hard I tried
[02:21.02]To find my space and satisfy you too
[02:26.33]Things will be better when Im dead and gone
[02:34.48]Dont try to understand knowing you Im probably wrong
[02:40.05]But oh how I lived my life for you
[02:44.48]Still youd turn away
[02:48.79]Now as I die for you
[02:51.91]My flesh still crawls as I breathe your name
[02:57.27]All these years I thought I was wrong
[03:02.09]Now I know it was you
[03:06.02]Raise your head raise your face your eyes
[03:11.04]Tell me who you think you are who
[03:31.88]I walk  I walk alone
[03:34.50]Into the promised land
[03:36.50]Theres a better place for me
[03:38.81]But its far far away
[03:40.99]Everlasting life for me
[03:43.27]In a perfect world
[03:45.64]But I gotta die first
[03:47.45]Please God send me on my way
[03:59.14]Time has a way of taking time
[04:02.32]Loneliness is not only felt by fools
[04:08.08]Alone I call to ease the pain
[04:10.78]Yearning to be held by you  alone  so alone Im lost
[04:15.14]Consumed by the pain
[04:17.52]The pain  the pain the pain
[04:20.82]Wont you hold me again
[04:23.86]You just laughed
[04:26.61]My whole life is work built on the past
[04:30.31]But the time has come when all things shall pass
[04:35.12]This good thing passed away

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