elaine stritch - The Ladies Who Lunch

elaine stritch - The Ladies Who Lunch
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The ladies who lunch Lyrics
[00:00.15]The Ladies Who Lunch (《》) - Elaine Stritch/Harold Hastings/Company Original Broadway Cast Orchestra
[00:04.49]Written by:Stephen Sondheim
[00:17.09]Heres to the ladies who lunch
[00:24.06]Everybody laugh
[00:29.24]Lounging in their caftans
[00:32.38]And planning a brunch
[00:37.70]On their own behalf
[00:44.68]Off to the gym
[00:47.74]Then to a fitting
[00:50.56]Claiming theyre fat
[00:55.72]And looking grim
[00:59.41]Cause theyve been sitting
[01:02.76]Choosing a hat
[01:07.58]Does anyone still wear a hat
[01:16.07]Ill drink to that
[01:21.20]Heres to the girls who play smart
[01:24.57]Arent they a gas
[01:28.97]Rushing to their classes
[01:30.77]In optical art
[01:33.27]Wishing it would pass
[01:38.56]Another long exhausting day
[01:42.95]Another thousand dollars
[01:47.22]A matinee a pinter play
[01:51.16]Perhaps a piece of mahlers
[01:54.32]Ill drink to that
[01:58.39]And one for mahler
[02:03.12]Heres to the girls who play wife
[02:06.53]Arent they too much
[02:10.67]Keeping house but clutching
[02:12.54]A copy of life
[02:14.81]Just to keep in touch
[02:19.64]The ones who follow the rules
[02:23.83]And meet themselves at the schools
[02:27.74]Too busy to know that theyre fools
[02:31.05]Arent they a gem
[02:35.09]Ill drink to them
[02:38.38]Lets all drink to them
[02:51.40]And heres to the girls who just watch
[02:54.86]Arent they the best
[02:59.00]When they get depressed
[03:00.66]Its a bottle of scotch
[03:03.25]Plus a little jest
[03:08.71]Another chance to disapprove
[03:12.77]Another brilliant zinger
[03:16.79]Another reason not to move
[03:20.93]Another vodka stinger
[03:23.64]Ill drink to that
[03:32.31]So heres to the girls on the go
[03:35.88]Everybody tries
[03:39.88]Look into their eyes
[03:41.73]And youll see what they know
[03:43.92]Everybody dies
[03:48.74]A toast to that invincible bunch
[03:52.57]The dinosaurs surviving the crunch
[03:56.47]Lets hear it for the ladies who lunch
[03:59.67]Everybody rise
[04:04.57]Rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise

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