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Geto Boys - Assassins
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Assassins Lyrics
[00:00.64]Assassins - Geto Boys
[00:11.21]Geto Boys
[00:12.20]Geto Boys
[00:13.89]Geto Boys
[00:14.88]Geto Boys
[00:15.95]Dont fuck with me
[00:16.69]Geto Boys
[00:17.63]Geto Boys
[00:19.31]Geto Boys
[00:20.25]Geto Boys
[00:22.06]Geto Boys
[00:23.12]Geto Boys
[00:24.86]Geto Boys
[00:25.86]Geto Boys
[00:26.93]Dont fuck with me
[00:27.68]Geto Boys
[00:28.55]Geto Boys
[00:30.30]Geto Boys
[00:31.29]Geto Boys
[00:32.98]As I walked through 5th Ward I saw this man
[00:35.41]He was kind but he was blind I snatched his jewelry and ran
[00:38.09]I caught up with Box and said I think its worth a grand
[00:41.22]He smiled and he giggled and he shook my hand
[00:43.65]We tried to pawn it in to haveg some for fare for the jam
[00:46.83]He said Its fake and I said What he said Im sorry I said Damn
[00:49.95]My mama threw me out I called my sister a whore
[00:52.01]Now my house is abandoned my bed is the floor
[00:54.57]Its been a week I didnt need I couldnt take it no more
[00:57.26]Saw my teacher Miss Elaine at the grocery store
[00:59.01]I waited by her car she asked: Why arent you in school
[01:02.75]Put my gun up to her head and said Get in you old fool
[01:05.86]She offered her keys cried and said Please
[01:08.49]She promised not to tell and give me As and Bs
[01:11.29]I said I want your money grub and all I can sell
[01:13.85]I looked into her eyes and she was scared as hell
[01:16.85]I knew she was a snitch I beat her down with my gun
[01:19.46]Got happy with the trigger now Im on the run
[01:22.15]An assassin
[01:23.21]Geto Boys
[01:25.08]Geto Boys
[01:26.77]Dont fuck with me
[01:33.82]Im an assassin
[01:34.26]Now Im just what you expected a runner out on bail
[01:35.94]Hustlin is my job and Im paid well
[01:37.44]Im used to makin money fast beaucoup cash
[01:40.12]Try to cheat me and beat me my boss is bossin your ass
[01:43.93]Once lived Sheila yeah I meant to kill her
[01:46.93]Her teeth was big and gappy so I called her Godzilla
[01:49.48]She planned for a party she said Bring everybody
[01:52.36]No jive when we arrived we saw Dectective Ray McCarthy
[01:54.98]He started haul-assin my Fila came unfastened
[01:57.91]I fell and went to jail and came back as an assassin
[02:00.28]First I start rollin my pockets started swollin
[02:03.15]Havin green is havin power and you know what I was sellin
[02:05.95]Now Sheila was addicted her face looked reflicted
[02:08.64]I caught her sellin ass then and there I shouldve kicked it
[02:11.45]I drove up to her corner and gave her a grin
[02:14.07]Asked How much she said 20 I said Bet she got in
[02:16.81]I drove her to a spot that was quiet and dark
[02:19.56]Yo yo turned out the lights and found a place to park
[02:22.18]Now I knew the girl was ready she started gettin sweaty
[02:24.92]But all was in my head was kill the bitch like Freddy
[02:28.24]I dug between the chair and whipped out the machete
[02:30.60]She screamed I sliced her up until her guts were like spaghetti
[02:32.79]A maniac I stabbed the girl in her tits
[02:35.78]And to stop her nerves from jumpin I just cut her to bits
[02:38.60]An assassin
[03:01.06]My father was a priest cold blooded hes dead
[03:02.86]Hypocrite I caught him basin so I shot him in the head
[03:05.86]Poured on the holy water Bless the dead is what I said
[03:08.69]Then heard the demon screamin as his body bled
[03:11.38]Now I stole from the poor lied on the man
[03:14.06]Dropped the dime hes doin time and I dont give a damn
[03:16.81]Were not really greedy well help the poor and needy
[03:19.75]Well rock a show and clock some dough then drink until were peedy
[03:22.62]Drove on the freeway just the other day
[03:25.30]I saw a fine hitch-hiker and I wanted to play
[03:27.77]I pulled off the road so I could offer a ride
[03:30.51]She said Thanks I said No thanks and she got inside
[03:33.13]Jivin as I was drivin then I asked which direction
[03:36.12]She said 5th Ward I said Were from the same section
[03:39.07]Made it to my ave she said out and said Thanks
[03:41.62]I said Yo babe like wont you chill and have a couple of drinks
[03:44.80]We went into my house and I filled up her glass
[03:47.11]She drank and got drunk thats when I got in that ass
[03:49.85]I banged it and banged it until my thang got sore
[03:52.54]I said Honey she said 20 I said Get out you fuckin whore
[03:55.47]She put on her clothes headed for the door
[03:57.98]Then said Welcome to the disease there is no cure for
[04:00.73]Then she started runnin and almost got away
[04:03.41]With no clothes I gave chase makin sure shed pay
[04:06.59]Now she passed by my boy and I knew he was strapped
[04:09.09]Red pulled out his gun and shot the bitch in her back
[04:11.73]Bare butt-naked I headed for the car
[04:14.47]The massacre was from Texas so I pulled out the chainsaw
[04:17.40]Cuttina nd cuttin he said Johny man shes dead
[04:20.02]On the news they found remains of just an arm and her head
[04:22.77]An assassin
[04:24.89]Im an assassin
[04:33.33]Dont Dont Dont fuck with me
[04:45.36]Dont Dont Dont fuck with me

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