Ben Platt - Words Fail

Ben Platt - Words Fail
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Words fail Lyrics
[00:00.26]Ben Platt - Words Fail
[00:14.06]I never meant to make it such a mess
[00:18.39]I never thought that it would go this far
[00:22.83]So I just stand here sorry
[00:25.65]Searching for something to say
[00:29.23]Something to say
[00:34.57]Words fail words fail
[00:40.08]Theres nothing I can say
[00:52.43]I guess I thought I could be part of this
[00:56.64]I never had this kind of thing before
[01:00.69]I never had that perfect girl
[01:04.08]Who somehow could see the good part of me
[01:10.68]I never had the dad who stuck it out
[01:14.52]No corny jokes or baseball gloves
[01:18.68]No mom who just was there
[01:21.12]Cause mom was all that she had to be
[01:27.08]Thats not a worthy explanation
[01:30.65]I know there is none
[01:35.46]Nothing can make sense of all these things Ive done
[01:43.42]Words fail words fail
[01:47.88]Theres nothing I can say
[01:51.33]Except sometimes you see everything you wanted
[01:54.99]And sometimes you see everything you wish you had
[01:59.56]And its right there right there right there
[02:04.32]In front of you
[02:08.98]And you want to believe its true
[02:14.60]So you make it true
[02:19.86]And you think maybe everybody wants it
[02:29.80]And needs it a little bit too
[03:04.18]This was just a sad invention
[03:09.05]It wasnt real I know
[03:14.14]But we were happy
[03:17.69]I guess I couldnt let that go
[03:22.86]I guess I couldnt give that up
[03:27.46]I guess I wanted to believe
[03:30.36]Cause if I just believe
[03:32.93]Then I dont have to see whats really there
[03:39.83]No Id rather pretend Im something better than
[03:43.29]These broken parts
[03:45.63]Pretend Im something other than
[03:47.85]This mess that I am
[03:49.95]Cause then I dont have to look at it
[03:52.70]And no one gets to look at it
[03:54.87]No no one can really see
[03:59.95]Cause Ive learned to slam on the brake
[04:04.46]Before I even to turn the key
[04:08.79]Before I make the mistake
[04:13.19]Before I lead with the worst of me
[04:17.17]I never let them see the worst of me
[04:32.70]Cause what if everyone saw
[04:38.11]What if everyone knew
[04:42.77]Would they like what they saw
[04:46.88]Or would they hate it too
[04:52.52]Will I just keep on running away from whats true
[05:02.38]All I ever do is run
[05:09.82]So how do I step in
[05:15.60]Step into the sun
[05:25.03]Step into the sun

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