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larry kert - Tonight
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Tonight Lyrics
[00:00.08]Tonight 《》) - Carol Lawrence/Larry Kert/Max Goberman/The Original Broadway Cast Of West Side Story
[00:01.59]Written by:Stephen Sondheim/Leonard Bernstein
[00:02.56]:Sid Ramin/Irwin Kostal
[00:05.20]Only you youre the only thing Ill see forever
[00:13.07]In my eyes in my words and in everything I do
[00:18.35]Nothing else but you ever
[00:22.70]And theres nothing for me but maria
[00:27.26]Every sight that I see is maria
[00:32.34]Tony Tony
[00:34.89]Always you every thought Ill ever know
[00:39.01]Everywhere I go youll be you and me
[00:54.23]Tonight tonight it all began tonight
[01:01.49]I saw you and the world went away
[01:08.26]Tonight tonight theres only you tonight
[01:14.81]What you are what you do what you say
[01:22.07]Today all day I had the feeling a miracle would happen
[01:30.92]I know now I was right
[01:36.31]For here you are and what was just a world is a star tonight
[01:59.23]Tonight tonight the world is full of light
[02:11.65]With suns and moons all over the place
[02:19.32]Tonight tonight the world is wild and bright
[02:25.83]Going mad shooting sparks into space
[02:32.99]Today the world was just an address
[02:38.29]A place for me to live in
[02:42.02]No better than all right
[02:47.41]But here you are and what was just a world is a star tonight
[03:04.21]I cannot stay go quickly
[03:06.74]Im not free
[03:07.92]They are strict with me please
[03:10.76]I love you
[03:13.58]Good night good night sleep well
[03:22.59]And when you dream dream of me tonight

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