Shawn Colvin - Polaroids

Shawn Colvin - Polaroids
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Artists Shawn Colvin
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Polaroids Lyrics
[00:01.64]Polaroids Version) - Shawn Colvin
[00:11.66]Please no more therapy
[00:14.27]Mother take care of me
[00:16.92]Piece me together with a
[00:19.92]Needle and thread
[00:22.26]Wrap me in eiderdown
[00:25.02]Lace from your wedding gown
[00:27.62]Fold me and lay me down
[00:30.38]On your bed
[00:32.78]Or liken me to a shoe
[00:35.39]Blackened and spit-shined through
[00:38.18]Kicking back home to you
[00:40.73]Smiling back home
[00:43.40]Singing back home to you
[00:46.04]Laughing back home to you
[00:48.72]Dragging back home to you
[00:54.35]And I was so wary then
[00:56.82]The ugly American
[00:59.23]Thinner than oxygen
[01:02.12]Tough as a whore
[01:04.74]I said  you can lie to me
[01:07.54]I own whats inside of me
[01:10.02]And nothing surprises me anymore
[01:15.22]But forests in Germany
[01:18.06]Kids in the Tuileries
[01:20.76]Broken-down fortresses
[01:23.48]In old Italy
[01:26.26]And claiming his victory
[01:28.84]Shrouded in mystery
[01:31.30]He went running away with me
[01:37.12]Back in our home New York
[01:39.75]Walking these streets forlorn
[01:41.71]We all in our uniforms
[01:44.83]Black and black
[01:47.79]Doing that slouch and jive
[01:50.42]The artist must survive
[01:52.99]Weve got all we need we cried
[01:55.67]And dont look back
[01:58.28]And thinking we had it made
[02:00.91]Poised for the hit parade
[02:03.60]Knee deep in accolades
[02:05.98]The conceptual pair
[02:08.66]But ever the malcontent
[02:11.53]He left without incident
[02:14.17]Vanished into thin air
[02:30.75]Now I am always amazed
[02:32.95]Words can fill up a page
[02:35.72]Pages fill up the days
[02:38.37]Between him and me
[02:41.41]But the vows that we never keep
[02:43.55]From bedrooms to business-speak
[02:46.96]Make me remember how cheap
[02:49.32]Words can be
[02:51.52]And the letters I wrote you of
[02:54.48]Were those of the desperate stuff
[02:56.95]Like begging for love in a suicide threat
[03:02.31]But I am too young to die
[03:05.13]Too old for a lullaby
[03:07.82]Too tired for life on the ledge
[03:13.20]But I had a dream last night
[03:15.90]Of lovers who walked the plank
[03:18.55]Out on the edge of time
[03:21.30]Amidst ridicule
[03:23.97]They laughed as they rocked and reeled
[03:26.66]Over the mining fields
[03:29.35]Coming to rest on this ship of fools
[03:34.76]But he just took Polaroids
[03:37.45]Of her smile in the light
[03:40.52]Of the dawn of the menacing sky
[03:45.61]And before they went overboard
[03:47.97]She turned and held up a card
[03:50.80]And it said Valentine

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