Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles

Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles
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Mr. bojangles Lyrics
[00:00.17]Mr  Bojangles - Jerry Jeff Walker
[00:09.09]I knew a man Bojangles and hed dance for you
[00:14.51]In worn out shoes
[00:17.63]Silver hair and ragged shirt and baggy pants
[00:23.19]He did the old soft shoe
[00:27.70]He jumped so high he jumped so high
[00:33.88]Then hed lightly touch down
[00:40.65]Mr  Bojangles
[00:44.98]Mr  Bojangles
[00:49.32]Mr  Bojangles
[00:57.01]I met him in a cell in New Orleans
[00:59.60]I was down and out
[01:05.84]He looked to me to be the eyes of age
[01:11.03]As he spoke right out
[01:15.77]He talked to life he talked to life
[01:22.34]He laughed slapped his leg a step
[01:27.68]He said the name Bojangles
[01:29.27]And he danced a lick across the cell
[01:36.56]He grabbed his pants a better stance then he jumped so high
[01:42.18]He clicked his heels
[01:46.49]He let go a laugh oh he let go a laugh
[01:52.64]Shook back his clothes all around
[01:59.70]Mr  Bojangles
[02:04.08]Mr  Bojangles
[02:08.47]Mr  Bojangles
[02:15.95]He danced for those at minstrel shows
[02:18.03]And county fairs throughout the South
[02:24.99]He spoke with tears of fifteen years
[02:26.87]How his dog and him traveled about
[02:35.12]His dog up and died he up and died
[02:41.20]After twenty years he still grieves
[02:47.24]He said I dance now at every chance
[02:49.39]In honky tonks for drinks and tips
[02:56.25]But most o the time I spend behind these county bars
[03:01.44]Hell I drinks a bit
[03:06.34]He shook his head and as he shook his head
[03:12.57]I heard someone ask him please
[03:19.63]Mr  Bojangles
[03:24.02]Mr  Bojangles
[03:28.48]Mr  Bojangles
[04:20.33]I knew a man Bojangles and hed dance for you

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