Studio Musicians - Out Tonight

Studio Musicians - Out Tonight
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Out tonight Lyrics
[00:01.28]Out Tonight 《》) - Original Cast Recording
[00:02.47]Written by:Jonathan Larson
[00:15.93]Whats the time
[00:18.61]Well its gotta be close to midnight
[00:22.42]My bodys talking to me
[00:24.95]It says time for danger
[00:28.88]It says I wanna commit a crime
[00:32.47]Wanna be the cause of a fight
[00:36.00]I wanna put on a tight skirt
[00:39.09]And flirt with a stranger
[00:43.79]Ive had a knack from way back
[00:47.12]At breaking the rules once I learn the games
[00:50.39]Get up lifes too quick I know someplace sick
[00:53.80]Where this chickll dance in the flames
[00:57.88]We dont need any money
[01:01.50]I always get in for free
[01:04.47]You can get in too
[01:06.72]If you get in with me
[01:10.81]Lets go out tonight
[01:17.84]I have to go out tonight
[01:25.88]You wanna play lets run away
[01:28.84]We wont be back before its new years day
[01:33.56]Take me out tonight meow
[01:46.93]When I get a wink from the doorman
[01:50.39]Do you know how lucky youll be
[01:53.38]That youre on line with the feline
[01:56.98]Of avenue b
[01:59.85]Lets go out tonight
[02:05.34]I have to go out tonight
[02:15.07]You wanna prowl be my night owl
[02:18.58]Well take my hand were gonna howl
[02:23.32]Out tonight
[02:29.11]In the evening Ive got to roam
[02:32.35]Cant sleep in the city of neon and chrome
[02:36.13]Feels too damn much like home
[02:38.65]When the Spanish babies cry
[02:43.55]So lets find a bar
[02:46.03]So dark we forget who we are
[02:49.81]Where all the scars
[02:51.51]From the nevers and maybes die
[02:56.39]Lets go out tonight
[03:01.50]I have to go out tonight
[03:11.43]Youre sweet wanna hit the street
[03:14.02]Wanna wail at the moon like a cat in heat
[03:17.48]Just take me out tonight
[03:23.67]Please take me out tonight
[03:30.42]Dont forsake me out tonight
[03:37.20]Ill let you make me out tonight
[03:43.75]Tonight tonight tonight

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