The Clash - Something about England

The Clash - Something about England
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Something about england Lyrics
[00:00.47]Something About England - The Clash
[00:01.63]They say immigrants steal the hubcaps
[00:04.25]Of the respected gentlemen
[00:07.98]They say it would be wine an roses
[00:12.50]If England were for Englishmen again
[00:18.89]Well I saw a dirty overcoat
[00:21.84]At the foot of the pillar of the road
[00:25.87]Propped inside was an old man
[00:29.06]Whom time would not erode
[00:32.68]When the night was snapped by sirens
[00:35.84]Those blue lights circled fast
[00:37.39]The dancehall called for an ambulance
[00:42.93]The bars all closed up fast
[00:46.28]My silence gazing at the ceiling
[00:49.98]While roaming the single room
[00:53.95]I thought the old man could help me
[00:57.21]If he could explain the gloom
[01:01.00]You really think its all new
[01:04.04]You really think about it too
[01:08.06]The old man scoffed as he spoke to me
[01:11.47]Ill tell you a thing or two
[01:15.21]I missed the fourteen-eighteen war
[01:18.68]But not the sorrow afterwards
[01:21.77]With my father dead and my mother ran off
[01:25.52]My brothers took the pay of hoods
[01:29.17]The twenties turned the north was dead
[01:31.43]The hunger strike came marching south
[01:36.34]At the garden party not a word was said
[01:39.84]The ladies lifted cake to their mouths
[01:43.30]The next war began and my ship sailed
[01:46.73]With battle orders writ in bed
[01:49.97]In five long years of bullets and shells
[01:53.79]We left tem million dead
[01:57.31]The few returned to old Piccadily
[02:00.81]We limped around Leicster Square
[02:04.30]The world was busy rebuilding itself
[02:07.86]The architects could not care
[02:11.61]But how could we know when I was young
[02:14.77]All the canges that were to come
[02:18.19]All the photos in the wallets on the battlefield
[02:21.72]And now the terror of the scientific sun
[02:24.97]There was masters an servants an servants an dogs
[02:29.03]They taught you how to touch your cap
[02:32.29]But through strikes an famine an war an peace
[02:35.56]England never closed this gap
[02:39.36]So leave me now the moon is up
[02:42.72]But remember all the tales I tell
[02:46.67]The memories that you have dredged up
[02:49.89]Are on letters forwarded from hell
[03:22.09]The streets were by now deserted
[03:25.45]The gangs had trudged off home
[03:31.17]The lights clicked off in the bedsits
[03:33.16]An old England was all alone

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