Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me
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Artists Geto Boys
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Mind playing tricks on me Lyrics
[00:00.23]My Mind Playin Tricks On Me
[00:00.99]I sit alone in my four-cornered room staring at candles
[00:05.38]Oh  that shit is on
[00:07.50]Let me drop some shit like this here
[00:09.47]Real smooth
[00:10.79]At night I cant sleep  I toss and turn
[00:13.13]Candle sticks in the dark
[00:14.29]Visions of bodies being burned
[00:16.21]Four walls just staring at a nigga
[00:18.26]Im paranoid  sleeping with my finger on the trigga
[00:21.60]My mommas always stressing I aint living right
[00:24.09]But I aint going out without a fight
[00:26.68]See  everytime my eyes close
[00:28.22]I start sweating and blood starts coming out my nose
[00:31.84]Its somebody watching the AK
[00:34.04]But I dont know who it is
[00:35.51]So Im watching my back
[00:36.73]I can see him when Im deep in the covers
[00:39.20]When I awake I dont see the motherfucker
[00:41.71]He owns a black hat like I own
[00:44.28]A black suit and a cane like my own
[00:46.86]Some might say  "Take a chill  B"
[00:48.57]But fuck that shit  theres a nigga trying to kill me
[00:52.15]Im popping in a clip when the wind blows
[00:54.39]Every twenty seconds got me peeping out my window
[00:57.33]Investigating the joint for traps
[01:00.07]Checking my telephone for taps
[01:02.40]Im staring at the woman on the corner
[01:04.66]Its fucked up when your mind is playing tricks on you
[01:21.72]I make big money  I drive big cars
[01:24.11]Everybody know me  its like Im a movie star
[01:26.83]But late at night  something aint right
[01:29.27]I feel Im being tailed by the same suckers head lights
[01:32.01]Is it that fool that I ran off the block
[01:34.39]Or is it that nigga last week that I shot
[01:36.94]Or is it the one I beat for five thousand dollars
[01:39.45]Thought he had caine but it was Gold Medal Flour
[01:41.97]Reached under my seat
[01:43.11]Grabbed my popper for the suckers
[01:44.44]Aint no use to be lying
[01:45.78]I was scareder than a motherfucker
[01:48.29]Hooked a left into Popeyes and beared down quick
[01:50.86]If its going down lets get this shit over with
[01:53.29]Here they come  just like I figured
[01:55.73]I got my hand on the motherfucking trigger
[01:58.42]What I sawll make your ass start giggling
[02:00.61]Three blind  crippled and crazy senior citizens
[02:03.77]I live by the sword  I take my boys everywhere I go
[02:07.14]Because Im paranoid
[02:08.66]I keep looking over my shoulder
[02:10.24]And peeping around corners
[02:12.01]My mind is playing tricks on me
[02:28.48]Day by day its more impossible to cope
[02:31.90]I feel like Im the one thats doing dope
[02:34.34]Cant keep a steady hand because Im nervous
[02:37.09]Every Sunday morning Im in the service
[02:39.42]Praying for forgiveness
[02:42.01]And trying to find an exit out of the business
[02:44.55]I know the Lord is looking at me
[02:46.81]But yet and still its hard for me to feel happy
[02:49.98]I often drift when I drive
[02:52.29]Having fatal thoughts of suicide
[02:54.76]Bang and get it over with
[02:56.96]And then Im worry free but thats bullshit
[02:59.93]I got a little boy to look after
[03:02.15]And if I died then my child would be a bastard
[03:05.01]I had a woman down with me
[03:07.38]But to me it seemed like she was down to get me
[03:10.43]She helped me out in this shit
[03:12.48]But to me she was just another bitch
[03:14.99]Now  shes back with her mother
[03:17.84]Now  Im realizing that I love her
[03:20.39]Now  Im feeling lonely
[03:23.54]My mind is playing tricks on me
[03:40.48]This year Halloween fell on a weekend
[03:43.23]Me and Geto Boys are trick-or-treating
[03:45.61]Robbing little kids for bags
[03:48.04]Till a law man got behind our ass
[03:50.85]So we speeded up the pace
[03:52.86]Took a look back
[03:53.79]And he was right before our face
[03:55.77]Hed be in for a squabble no doubt
[03:58.28]So I swung and hit the nigga in his mouth
[04:01.23]He was going down  we figgad
[04:03.43]But this wasnt no ordinary nigga
[04:06.20]He stood about six or seven feet
[04:08.50]Now  thats the nigga Id been seeing in my sleep
[04:11.32]So we triple-teamed on him
[04:13.90]Dropping them motherfucking beads on him
[04:16.27]The more I swung the more blood flew
[04:18.60]Then he disappeared and my boys disappeared  too
[04:21.63]Then I felt just like a fiend
[04:24.12]It wasnt even close to Halloween
[04:26.45]It was dark as fuck on the streets
[04:28.52]My hands were all bloody from punching on the concrete
[04:32.20]Goddamn  homie  my mind is playing tricks on me

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