harry guardino - Everybody Says Don't

harry guardino - Everybody Says Don't
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Everybody says don't Lyrics
[00:00.69]EVERYBODY SAYS DONT - Barbra Streisand
[00:04.63]Everybody says dont
[00:05.39]Everybody says dont
[00:06.20]Everybody says dont it isnt right
[00:08.87]Dont is isnt nice
[00:11.91]Everybody says dont
[00:12.61]Everybody says dont
[00:13.53]Everybody says dont walk on the grass
[00:15.90]Dont disturb the peace
[00:17.66]Dont skate on the ice
[00:22.10]Well I say do  I say
[00:27.55]Walk on the grass it was meant to feel
[00:29.95]I say sail till to the windmill
[00:33.60]And if you fail you fail
[00:36.53]Everybody says dont
[00:37.27]Everybody says dont
[00:38.14]Everybody says dont get out of line
[00:40.71]When they say that then lady thats a sign
[00:46.02]No times out of ten
[00:49.12]Lady you are doing just fine
[00:54.16]Make just a ripple come on be brave
[01:01.04]This time a ripple next time a wave
[01:07.71]Sometimes you have to start small
[01:11.27]Climbing the tiniest wall
[01:14.66]Maybe youre going to fall
[01:17.70]But it is better than not starting at all
[01:21.86]Everybody says dont
[01:22.68]Everybody says no stop
[01:23.54]Everybody says
[01:24.31]Musnt rock the boat musnt touch a thing
[01:28.79]Everybody says dont
[01:29.35]Everybody says wait
[01:30.35]Everybody says cant fight city-hall
[01:32.71]Cant upset the court
[01:34.12]Cant laugh at the king
[01:38.67]Well I say try
[01:42.18]I say
[01:43.82]Laugh at the King or hell make you cry
[01:46.34]Loose your poise
[01:49.09]Fall if you have to but lady make a noise
[01:52.69]Everybody says dont
[01:53.61]Everybody says cant
[01:54.51]Everybody says wait around for miracles
[01:56.80]Thats the way the world is made
[02:00.59]I insist on miracles if you do them
[02:04.65]Miracles might come true
[02:08.08]Then I say dont
[02:10.25]Dont be afraid

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