Waylon Jennings - Me And Paul

Waylon Jennings - Me And Paul
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Artists Waylon Jennings
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Me and paul Lyrics
[00:00.76]Me And Paul Live) - Waylon Jennings
[00:20.74]Well its been rough and rocky travellin
[00:23.16]But Im finally standin upright on the ground
[00:30.35]After takin several readings
[00:32.53]Im surprised to find my minds still fairly sound
[00:39.59]I thought Nashville was the roughest
[00:41.83]But I guess Ive said the same about them all
[00:48.81]Got one hell of an education in the cities of this nation
[00:53.47]Me and Tompall
[00:57.95]I got busted in Loredo for reasons that Id rather not disclose
[01:06.98]But if youre stayin in a motel there and leave there
[01:10.36]Dont leave nothin in your clothes
[01:15.89]At the airport in Milwalkee
[01:18.00]They refused to let us board the plane at all
[01:24.86]They said we looked suspicious
[01:27.31]But I think they liked to pick on me and Paul
[02:09.99]On a package show in Buffalo with us
[02:13.11]And Kitty Wells and Charley Pride
[02:18.89]The show was long and I just hung around
[02:21.59]And Id come there to pick not for the ride
[02:28.05]We drank a lot of whiskey
[02:30.36]So I aint sure we went on that night at all
[02:37.16]But I dont think they even missed us
[02:39.74]I guess Buffalo aint geared for me and Tompall

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