Megadeth - Five Magics

Megadeth - Five Magics
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Artists Megadeth
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Five magics Lyrics
[00:00.54]Five Magics - Megadeth
[02:21.85]Bestow upon me magic
[02:24.05]Wizard  all knowing  all wise
[02:32.61]I want to rule this kingdom
[02:34.92]Make sweet the breeze now defiled
[02:43.54]Dethrone the evil princes iron fists
[02:46.60]In velvet gloves of sin
[02:54.62]Parade the grey robed monks
[02:56.84]The vestal virgins  wheel the wyverns in
[03:28.24]Let the ceremony consecrate the marriage
[03:29.87]Let me be the protege of Five Magics
[03:36.45]Give me alchemy  give me sorcery
[03:39.42]Give me wizardy  thermatology
[03:42.53]Electricity  master all of these
[03:45.55]Magic if you please  bring him to his knees
[03:48.48]I master five magics  I master five magics
[04:01.77]I master five magics  I master five magics
[04:16.02]Possessed with hellish torment  possessed with hellish torment
[04:21.29]I master magics five  I master magics five
[04:26.63]Hunting the abyss lord  hunting the abyss lord
[04:31.97]Only one will stay alive  only one will stay alive
[04:37.36]He who lives by the sword  he who lives by the sword
[04:43.44]Will surely also die  will surely also die
[04:48.14]He who lives in sin  he who lives in sin
[04:53.85]Will surely live the lie

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