Saxon - Metalhead

Saxon - Metalhead
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Album Metalhead
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Artists Saxon
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Metalhead Lyrics
[00:00.06]Metalhead - Saxon
[00:00.53]Written by:Carter Timothy/Scarratt Douglas/Quinn Paul/Byford Petery Rooney
[00:49.35]You only fool yourself if you think we are alone
[00:57.23]You cant deny the truth its here its plain to see
[01:05.50]But do they come as friends our brothers from the stars
[01:13.72]Or are they here to take our place and rule our world
[01:22.25]Heed the warning
[01:26.26]Come the day
[01:29.53]They walk among us
[01:46.40]Did they come for you through mists of swirling light
[01:53.85]You had a childhood dream abduction in your sleep
[02:01.85]You start to scream out loud but no one hears your voice
[02:09.92]You never feel the implant deep inside your head
[02:18.70]Heed the warning
[02:22.64]Come the day
[02:26.52]They walk among us
[03:20.56]Your tiny world revolves in a sea of endless space
[03:29.26]Are you feeling safe protected from the skies
[03:36.74]They come and go at will theres nothing you can do
[03:44.92]We only stand and stare at powers they possess
[03:53.65]Heed the warning
[03:57.65]Come the day
[04:01.41]They walk among us
[04:09.62]Heed the warning
[04:13.62]Come the day
[04:17.41]They walk among us

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