Lena Horne - New Fangled Tango

Lena Horne - New Fangled Tango
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Artists Lena Horne
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New fangled tango Lyrics
[00:00.94]New Fangled Tango - Lena Horne
[00:08.46]Everybodys mambo crazy
[00:10.23]Cha-cha happy but Im lazy
[00:12.15]I dont dig that frantic turpsichord
[00:16.10]When I trip the light fantastic
[00:17.91]I dont wanna be gymnastic
[00:19.74]Thats not what a dancing floor is for
[00:24.18]What I got in mind is a big improvement
[00:27.79]With a very minimum amount of movement
[00:32.35]Let the other couples push and shove
[00:36.08]What I got in mind  I think youre gonna love
[00:41.42]Ive got a new fangled tango
[00:46.02]And theres nothing to it
[00:49.33]You just sort of stand there
[00:51.82]And just sort of do it
[00:54.62]You stand close together
[00:57.52]Theres no wasted motion
[01:00.30]A new fangled tango
[01:03.35]An old fashioned notion
[01:06.26]The floor may be crowded
[01:09.07]But that doesnt matter
[01:12.17]Its not necessary to move
[01:16.40]Dont move  why move
[01:18.60]It may be crowded
[01:21.15]But thats all the better
[01:23.86]Its just like romancin
[01:26.86]While dancin  whos dancin
[01:29.73]Oh  you start off with one step
[01:32.82]And cling to each other
[01:35.70]And you know how one step
[01:38.71]Can lead to another
[01:41.64]Oh  theres nothing wrong with
[01:44.53]A waltz or fandango
[01:47.47]But oh  what can come from
[01:50.67]A new fangled tango
[01:59.48]You cling to your partner
[02:02.48]And sway to the rhythm
[02:05.39]You cant lose your partner
[02:08.26]Cause youre right there with him
[02:11.73]You dont have to worry
[02:14.43]About fast or slow steps
[02:17.32]The nice part about it
[02:20.18]In this dance  you dont need steps
[02:23.45]You dont have to worry
[02:26.45]If your dancing wont do
[02:29.39]Its not what you do-do
[02:32.48]Its more what you dont do
[02:35.48]You dont need a waltz
[02:38.53]Or a fancy fandango
[02:41.51]You just need a man
[02:44.51]And a new fangled tango
[02:47.82]Forget the fandango
[02:52.59]Give up the mambo
[02:57.20]Do the tango

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