Geto Boys - Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Geto Boys - Action Speaks Louder Than Words
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Artists Geto Boys
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Action speaks louder than words Lyrics
[00:01.42]Action Speaks Louder Than Words - Seagram
[00:09.90]Yeah this is Jay
[00:11.58]Hold on Jay
[00:13.40]Hey Jay long time no hear man whats up
[00:16.58]Say man
[00:17.39]People been kicking around a lot of hoe shit in my ears
[00:20.57]Is that right
[00:22.13]Yeah it upsets me to hear a World Class Wreckin Crew-
[00:26.31]Homosexual disrespect some real soldiers
[00:29.93]What time it is then right
[00:31.87]Its time to mix 5th Ward South Park and 69th Curbs
[00:36.67]And really let a muthafucka know
[00:49.15]Roll em up and I smoke em
[00:50.71]Tried to break so I broke em
[00:52.27]Busted his ass in the head thats when
[00:53.71]I grabbed him and choked him
[00:54.92]Im on revenge a psychopath the master of wreckin shit
[00:58.23]Comes back with a body blow hittin hard as a fuckin brick
[01:01.09]Dont fuck with the mastermind Ima tell you like that
[01:04.27]Cause Im the type of nigga thatll
[01:06.14]Still you with a bumper jack
[01:07.45]Better yet grab a bat apart from the pack
[01:10.07]Then commence to beat on your head to the muthafuckin fact
[01:13.00]Im ragin like Manson Im a muthafuckin thriller
[01:15.98]Friday 13ths my birthday so I was a born killer
[01:19.34]Brought up as a trouble kid devious
[01:20.79]Shits what I shoulda did
[01:22.48]Mom had an abortion with me but a nigga lived
[01:25.35]I dont fear losin life cause life just lost me
[01:28.10]Shadow of death keeps followin me
[01:29.78]And I cant get him off me
[01:31.59]2 years of my life were spent in a mental health
[01:34.33]Im a treath to society then again to my fuckin self
[01:37.34]Im losin my fuckin mind my veins begin swellin
[01:40.45]Kill that muthafucka  I hear voices in my head yellin
[01:43.20]Me get caught in a cross thats absurd
[01:46.38]Your head is a tennis ball and Im about to serve
[02:01.29]Bodybags in the bushes see I tried to tell em
[02:04.35]I just hope pretty soon that somebody smell em
[02:08.15]My lyrics get deeper and deeper
[02:10.21]Mack 10 12-guage Tec-9 plus a Street Sweeper
[02:13.96]Nigga Ganksta NIPs in the house
[02:16.58]Time I see a mouse automatic spaghetti sauce
[02:19.45]Been poor all my life so I reach for the sky
[02:22.51]I regret I was born I cant wait till I die
[02:26.69]And leave blood on the curtain
[02:28.50]Fatal thoughts of death suicide is certain
[02:31.49]I kill for a quarter lyrics deep as the water
[02:34.61]Peace to Rodney King I got they ass in slaughter
[02:38.29]Insane is what I am
[02:40.29]Im like Silence of the muthafuckin Lambs
[02:44.16]Ganksta NIP aint no bragger-boaster
[02:46.69]Migraine headaches made me sleep in a toaster
[02:49.81]Step in my face Ill commence the hittin
[02:54.05]9 milli aint bullshittin
[02:56.05]Down with Seag from the 69th Curbs
[02:58.80]Tell em Triple 6 speaks louder than words)
[03:11.59]Well first of all
[03:13.77]I shock em and clock em and pop em and
[03:15.58]Drop em flop em then I mop em
[03:17.51]In they muthafuckin tracks is where I stop em
[03:20.26]Unless you down with a bloody nose
[03:22.51]Save the cussin and fussin and
[03:24.13]Pointin fingers for them hoes
[03:25.94]Talk is cheap I catch your ass on the sneak
[03:29.44]And hit you everywhere but under your feet
[03:32.30]Think its a game when it aint
[03:34.11]Im lettin you talk but bitch Ill knock yo lips off
[03:38.23]And get ready for your kinfolk
[03:40.91]Your little sister be the first one to get smoked
[03:44.09]Then I grab your grandma by her weave hair
[03:46.97]And whip her old ass with that wooden leg she wear
[03:50.34]Im from the bloody 5th and thats it trick bitch
[03:54.02]You dont know who youre fuckin with
[03:56.33]I break this 10 1/2 so deep in your ass
[03:59.38]That youll be lookin like a faggot on the rag
[04:02.01]Im goin for bam like Scarface and NIP
[04:04.82]What they leave of your ass Willie D gonna rip
[04:08.12]All of that muthafuckin talkin is for the birds
[04:11.30]I do this  cause action
[04:13.05]Speaks louder than words
[04:26.48]Time to be accounted for the all-words spunk
[04:29.22]Counterfeit gangstas pranksters and chumps
[04:32.28]Talkin real loud in front of a crowd dare ya
[04:35.21]I show your punk ass nigga better than I can tell ya
[04:38.40]Signin checks that your punk ass cant cash
[04:41.20]Got your album cover full of punks wearin ski masks
[04:44.76]Who aint never felt froggish you wont leap
[04:47.32]Barkin like a bear and bitin like a flea
[04:50.32]Busters straight suckers muthafuckas
[04:53.40]Donald Goines-readin-ass wanna-be hustlers
[04:56.21]Its Seag from Oakland the one who lays order
[04:59.06]Quit lyin to kick it and make a run for the border
[05:02.23]Willie D Bushwick Scarface and Ganksta NIP
[05:05.41]Gave me the tip on the niggas yappin lip
[05:08.28]Too Black hooked me Lil Jay booked me
[05:11.21]Shakin em breakin em makin and
[05:12.83]Takin em fakin fuckin rookies
[05:14.27]And all that loud shit nigga dont start
[05:17.20]Theyll find your ass chopped and
[05:18.89]Stuffed in a shopping cart
[05:20.45]Fools awake and give praise to the dark lord
[05:23.40]Bring on the chalice voodoo dolls and the oujia boards
[05:26.64]Straight from the alleys of Cali 69th Curbs
[05:29.95]Is actions spizzeaks lizzouder thizzan wizzords
[05:40.49]speaks louder)
[05:42.55]speaks louder than words)

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