Salt-N-Pepa - Push It

Salt-N-Pepa - Push It
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Artists Salt-N-Pepa
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Push it Lyrics
[00:00.52]Ah  push it
[00:03.84]Ah  push it
[00:25.51]Oh  baby  baby
[00:26.26]Baby  baby
[00:26.63]Oh  baby  baby
[00:28.88]Baby  baby
[00:30.07]Get up on this
[00:56.19]Ow  Baby
[01:00.65]Salt and Pepas here
[01:17.50]Now wait a minute  yall
[01:19.19]This dance aint for everybody
[01:21.69]Only the sexy people
[01:23.82]So all you fly mothers  get on out there and dance
[01:28.00]Dance  I said
[01:30.50]Salt and Pepas here  and were in effect
[01:33.19]Want you to push it  babe
[01:34.81]Coolin by day then at night working up a sweat
[01:38.26]Cmon girls  lets go show the guys that we know
[01:41.69]How to become number one in a hot party show
[01:45.38]Now push it
[01:46.38]Ah  push it  push it good
[01:49.76]Ah  push it  push it real good
[01:53.38]Ah  push it  push it good
[01:57.13]Ah  push it  p-push it real good
[02:17.50]Hey  Ow
[02:18.38]Push it good
[02:19.25]Oh  baby  baby
[02:19.82]Baby  baby
[02:20.26]Oh  baby  baby
[02:22.26]Baby  baby
[02:47.44]Yo  yo  yo  yo  baby-pop
[02:50.99]Yeah  you come here  gimme a kiss
[02:52.30]Better make it fast or else Im gonna get pissed
[02:53.86]Cant you hear the musics pumpin hard like I wish you would
[02:56.99]Now push it
[03:00.55]Push it good
[03:03.78]P-push it real good
[03:13.76]Ah  push it
[03:21.90]Get up on this
[03:36.18]Boy  you really got me going
[03:38.92]You got me so I dont know what Im doing
[03:43.58]Ah  push it

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