Dr. Octagon - Aliens

Dr. Octagon - Aliens
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Artists Dr. Octagon
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Aliens Lyrics
[00:01.83]Aliens - Dr. Octagon
[00:08.42]What am-what am-what am-what
[00:09.41]Am I gonna do when the aliens get here?
[00:12.00]Oxygen is powered up enough fuel at landscape
[00:14.00]2.7 in the cockpit, chemicals ride from Saturn across
[00:17.28]From the Mercury astronaut, George Austin
[00:20.14]Fr-fr-fr, fr-fr-fr,
[00:20.49]From the economoics liberation in Boston
[00:22.69]Massachusetts protected by the army of red berets
[00:25.74]Special effect units,
[00:26.88]Navigational trainin, full altitudes
[00:27.83]3 compulsive rates, Phoenix Arizona you loner
[00:31.28]Aliens lookin in my face, reserved marines
[00:33.92]Comin in, comin in
[00:36.93]Comin in, comin in
[00:45.98]D.C. stop 14 in Texas stop
[00:48.30]The greyish blue flyin saucer we flowin
[00:50.79]The highway that night,
[00:51.89]The orange beam comin down was right
[00:53.74]Truckstop - not a myth - remember that light?
[00:56.67]The orange beam - not a myth - remember that light?
[00:59.55]Observation - not a myth - remember that light?
[01:02.53]Youve been abducted by Death
[01:17.15]Jets ready, steam full engine
[01:18.71]Service space satellites, watch check the parkin lights
[01:22.17]Connect the inputs in
[01:23.66]Protected by steel carbon and tin
[01:25.50]Gasoline thrust, 17 points in
[01:27.68]Observation, aliens- aliens under frustration
[01:30.63]Kamikaze gear, security information
[01:33.14]Close your windows, send men out to post, hold your location
[01:36.05]Look around, thats right, we movin up downtown
[01:38.82]Closin in, posin in
[01:41.77]Thats right we dozin in
[01:43.82]You move and stop the heat, we come frozen in
[01:53.11]Look around, movin up downtown
[01:56.21]Look around, thats right, thats right
[01:59.09]Protoplasm protection suit
[02:00.47]Four oclock and the fire engages
[02:05.43]A telephone code, earthman, you know it was us
[02:11.32]With two cans of, thats right, we came dangerous
[02:21.23]Thats right, look-look-look around
[02:23.61]Youve been abducted
[02:26.84]Thats right
[02:28.11]Look-look around, look ar- round-round
[02:30.16]Look Youve been abducted
[02:34.57]Thats right... thats right
[02:36.77]We movin movin, we movin movin
[02:39.11]We movin up-
[02:40.13]We movin up downtown, comin in
[02:44.18]Comin in, comin in
[02:46.97]Comin in, comin in
[02:49.79]Comin in...

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