Bumblefoot - Backfur

Bumblefoot - Backfur
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Artists Bumblefoot
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Backfur Lyrics
[00:01.18]Backfur - Bumblefoot
[00:18.28]The hair on my belly is touching my chest
[00:20.20]The hair on my chest is touching my shoulders
[00:22.64]It looks like Im wearing a permanent sweater
[00:25.17]Im working my way toward backfur
[00:27.92]The hair on my ass is rising up
[00:30.28]The hair on my head is falling down
[00:33.05]I got a spider mole thats spreading her legs
[00:35.92]Shes laying her eggs in backfur
[00:48.85]I had a smooth body long time ago
[00:51.17]Then gravity gave me a few folds
[00:53.92]Somebody shot me with a beast gun square on
[00:56.67]The pellets were seeds of backfur
[00:59.09]My bodys lot wider than it used to be
[01:01.74]Too much a taste of the old country
[01:04.28]Inherited my simian ancestry
[01:06.84]Im working my way toward backfur
[01:10.04]I used to think I was invincible
[01:15.30]So many things I didnt know
[01:20.52]I never knew how cruel the world can be silly me
[01:25.83]My time was not complete
[01:28.12]Poor me
[01:41.18]I pushed my mind to a future height
[01:43.44]And balanced with a pre  historic body type
[01:45.85]Just give me my speedos and put me on a beach
[01:48.80]Im sporting my rolls of backfur
[01:51.02]I keep a short comb on a stick
[01:53.60]To pick out the occassional deer ticks
[01:56.40]I cant afford electrolysis
[01:58.96]Face down Im a rug of backfur
[02:02.16]Im pushing harder but Im losing speed
[02:06.70]So many miles left to go
[02:12.66]I knew but couldnt feel mortality silly me
[02:17.96]My time was not complete
[02:20.30]Poor me
[02:54.15]I used to be a fatty fatback
[02:56.46]An inch away from my heart  attack
[02:59.02]Im pushing my luck Im chasing hot dog trucks
[03:01.79]Im shaded from the sun with backfur
[03:04.30]Im hosting a family of mosquitoes
[03:07.01]They live beneath the thicket of Velcro
[03:09.62]They cant find my cholesterol  high  blood  rich skin
[03:12.53]They cant find their way out of my backfur
[03:15.27]I didnt know my life was on the clock
[03:20.54]Wont close my eyes anymore
[03:25.68]A new year passes every time I blink  or so I think
[03:30.53]My time was not complete
[03:33.21]Poor me

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