Bob Dylan - Where Are You Tonight?

Bob Dylan - Where Are You Tonight?
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Artists Bob Dylan
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Where are you tonight? Lyrics
[00:01.15]Where Are You Tonight - Bob Dylan
[00:20.73]Theres a long distance train rolling through the rain
[00:26.56]Tears on the letter I write
[00:31.15]Theres a woman I long to touch and I missin her so much
[00:36.32]But shes drifting like a satellite
[00:41.52]Theres a neon light ablaze in the green smoky haze
[00:46.71]And laughter down on Elizabeth Street
[00:51.95]Theres a lonesome bell tone in that valley of stone
[00:56.78]Where she bathed in a stream of pure heat
[01:02.23]Her father would emphasize you got to be more than street-wise
[01:07.43]But he practiced what he preached from the heart
[01:12.65]A full-blooded Cherokee
[01:15.19]He predicted it to me
[01:17.57]The time and the place that we part
[01:22.88]Theres a babe in the arms of a woman in a rage
[01:28.09]And a longtime golden-haired stripper on stage
[01:33.19]And she winds back the clock and she turns back the page
[01:38.20]Of a book that nobody can write
[01:44.07]Oh  where are you tonight
[01:56.53]The truth was obscure
[01:58.66]Too profound and too pure
[02:01.50]To live it you had to explode
[02:06.52]And at the last hour of need
[02:09.09]We entirely agreed
[02:11.56]Sacrifice was the code of the road
[02:16.86]I left town at dawn
[02:19.14]With Marcel and St  John
[02:21.99]Strong men belittled by doubt
[02:27.01]I couldnt tell her what my private thoughts were
[02:31.45]But she had some way of finding them out
[02:36.91]He took dead-center aim
[02:39.56]But he missed just the same
[02:41.97]She was waiting putting flowers on the shelf
[02:46.97]She could feel my despair as I climbed up her hair
[02:51.89]And discovered her invisible self
[02:57.06]Theres a lion in the road
[02:59.55]Theres a demon escaped
[03:02.13]Theres a million dreams gone
[03:04.63]Theres a landscape being raped
[03:07.24]As her beauty fades and I watch her undrape
[03:12.20]But I wont but then maybe again I might
[03:17.82]Oh  if I could just find you tonight
[03:30.18]I fought with my twin
[03:32.76]That enemy within
[03:35.28]Til both of us fell by the way
[03:40.49]Horseplay and disease is killing me by degrees
[03:45.41]While the law looks the other way
[03:50.25]Your partners in crime hit me up for nickels and dimes
[03:55.33]The man you were loving couldnt never get clean
[04:00.38]It felt out of place
[04:02.74]My foot in his face
[04:04.45]But he shouldve stayed where his money was green
[04:10.63]I bit into the root of forbidden fruit
[04:15.37]With the juice running down my leg
[04:20.42]Then I dealt with your boss
[04:22.85]Whod never known about loss
[04:25.33]Who always was too proud to beg
[04:30.16]Theres a white diamond gloom
[04:32.69]On the dark side of this room
[04:35.17]And a pathway that leads up to the stars
[04:39.93]If you dont believe theres a price for this sweet paradise
[04:44.92]Just remind me to show you the stars
[04:50.18]Theres a new day at dawn
[04:52.61]And Ive finally arrived
[04:55.21]If Im there in the morning
[04:56.82]Baby  youll know Ive survived
[05:00.92]I cant believe it  I cant believe Im alive
[05:05.30]But without you it doesnt seem right
[05:10.69]Oh  where are you tonight

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