Emmylou Harris - New Cut Road

Emmylou Harris - New Cut Road
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Artists Emmylou Harris
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New cut road Lyrics
[00:01.26]New Cut Road Live Version) - Emmylou Harris
[01:02.40]Coleman Bonner was a fiddle playin fool
[01:06.51]Hes a backwoods rounder and a breaker of mules
[01:10.28]Coleman Bonners got a wore out bow
[01:13.42]Hes been playin all day down the new cut road
[01:17.58]Colemans little sister said you better act right
[01:21.18]Daddys gone to Louisville hell be back tonight
[01:24.76]Hes gonna get another wagon and a good pair of mules
[01:28.78]And we gonna move to Texas we just waitin  on you
[01:32.73]Colemans daddy pulled up in the yard
[01:36.18]He said pack up your lives kids its gettin  too hard
[01:40.34]Kentuckys alright but theres  too many people
[01:44.04]Just the other day I thought I saw a church steeple
[01:47.89]Coleman said daddy dont you worry bout me
[01:51.03]Im gonna stay here in Kentucky till the day I d
[01:55.04]Im gonna drink that sourmash and gonna race that mare
[01:58.83]And find that woman with the fox red hair
[02:02.85]Now you all been movin west since the day you got married
[02:06.55]Well Im gettin off the wagon daddy Im too old to be carried
[02:10.36]Gonna stay here in Kentucky where the bluegrass grow
[02:13.70]Im gonna play it all night down the new cut road
[02:33.09]Colemans daddy said now whats it all comn to
[02:36.72]Young people these days are just as stubborn as mules
[02:40.47]You cant make him go hes too old for that
[02:43.80]Its that damned old fiddle and that bowler hat
[02:48.02]Colemans mama said let the boy stay
[02:51.52]Hes raised up solid and he can find his own way
[02:55.62]But as for me honey Im with you
[02:58.82]I always thought Kentucky was just passin  through
[03:03.01]Colemans little sister then she started into a cryi
[03:06.61]And his daddy shook his head for the very last time
[03:10.52]Colemans mama said somebodys gotta do it
[03:13.52]Wouldnt be no Kentucky less you didnt stick to it
[03:17.74]Coleman Booner stood on the porch of that cabin
[03:21.58]Watched em all go to Texas in a covered wagon
[03:25.31]He pulled out his fiddle and he rosined up his bow
[03:28.97]And he played a little tune called the new cut road

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