Public Enemy - Lounder Than a Bomb (Instrumental)

Public Enemy - Lounder Than a Bomb (Instrumental)
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Artists Public Enemy
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Lounder than a bomb (instrumental) Lyrics
[00:28.95]This style seems wild
[00:30.07]Wait before you treat me like a stepchild
[00:32.07]Let me tell you why they got me on file
[00:34.26]Cause I give you what you lack
[00:35.69]Come right and exact
[00:36.75]Our status is the saddest
[00:37.88]So I care where you at  black
[00:39.44]And at home I got a call from tony rome
[00:41.43]The fbi was tappin my telephone
[00:42.93]I never live alone
[00:45.38]I never walk alone
[00:46.50]My posses always ready  and theyre waitin in my zone
[00:48.95]Although I live the life that of a resident
[00:51.34]But I be knowin the scheme that of the president
[00:53.85]Tappin my phone whose crews abused
[00:56.22]I stand accused of doing harm
[00:57.43]Cause Im louder than a bomb
[00:59.61]Cmon cmon louder etc
[01:08.26]I am the rock hard trooper
[01:09.69]To the bone  the bone  the bone
[01:11.00]Full grown - consider me - stone
[01:14.25]Once again and
[01:14.93]I say it for you to know
[01:16.31]The troop is always ready  I yell geronimo
[01:18.38]Your cia  you see I aint kiddin
[01:19.94]Both king and x they got ridda both
[01:22.94]A story untold  true  but unknown
[01:24.71]Professor griff knows
[01:28.98]I aint no toast
[01:29.67]And not the braggin or boastin and plus
[01:31.17]It aint no secret why theyre tappin my phone  although
[01:33.07]I cant keep it a secret
[01:34.25]So I decided to kick it  yo
[01:35.75]And yes it weighs a ton
[01:37.25]I say it once again
[01:38.33]Im called the enemy - Ill never be a friend
[01:40.59]Of those with closed minds  dont know Im rapid
[01:42.83]The way that I rap it
[01:44.04]Is makin em tap it  yeah
[01:45.61]Never servin em well  cause Im an un-tom
[01:47.92]Its no secret at all
[01:49.19]Cause Im louder than a bomb
[02:09.84]Cold holdin the load
[02:10.65]The burden breakin the mold
[02:11.96]I aint lyin denyin  cause theyre checkin my code
[02:14.30]Am I buggin cause theyre buggin my phone - for information
[02:16.48]No tellin whos sellin out - power buildin the nation so
[02:19.43]Joinin the set  the point blank target
[02:21.55]Every brothers inside - so least not  you forget  no
[02:23.93]Takin the blame is not a waste  here taste
[02:26.54]A bit of the song so you can never be wrong
[02:28.98]Just a bit of advice  cause we be payin the price
[02:31.47]Cause every brother mans life
[02:32.60]Is like swingin the dice  right
[02:33.91]Here it is  once again this is
[02:35.91]The brother to brother
[02:37.03]The terminator  the cutter
[02:37.91]Goin on an on - leave alone the grown
[02:40.97]Get it straight in 88  an Ill troop it to demonstrate
[02:43.90]The posse always ready - 98 at 98
[02:46.15]My posse come quick  because my posse got velocity
[02:48.66]Tappin my phone  they never leave me alone
[02:50.78]Im even lethal when Im unarmed
[02:52.05]Cause Im louder than a bomb
[03:13.08]Cause the d is for dangerous
[03:14.14]You can come and get some of this
[03:15.57]I teach and speak
[03:16.51]So when its spoke  its no joke
[03:17.82]The voice of choice
[03:18.88]The place shakes with bass
[03:20.13]Called one for the treble
[03:21.44]The rhythm is the rebel
[03:22.81]Heres a funky rhyme that theyre tappin on
[03:25.00]Just thinkin Im breakin the beats Im rappin on
[03:27.37]Cia fbi
[03:28.06]All they tell us is lies
[03:29.93]And when I say it they get alarmed
[03:31.76]Cause Im louder than a bomb

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