Louis Armstrong - Makin' Whoopee

Louis Armstrong - Makin' Whoopee
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Artists Louis Armstrong
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Makin' whoopee Lyrics
[00:00.73]Makin Whoopee - Oscar Peterson D R Louis Armstrong
[00:13.67]Another bride another june
[00:20.01]Another sunny honeymoon
[00:26.53]Another season another reason
[00:33.10]For makin whoopee
[00:40.18]A lot of shoes a lot of rice
[00:47.22]The groom is nervous he answers twice
[00:53.05]Its really killin that hes so willin to make whoopee
[01:06.49]Picture a little love nest
[01:13.88]Down where the roses cling
[01:20.48]Picture the same sweet love nest
[01:26.95]And think what a year can bring
[01:31.18]Hes washin dishes and baby clothes
[01:38.82]Hes so ambitious he even sews
[01:44.81]But dont forget folks
[01:47.96]Thats what you get folks for makin whoopee
[01:58.35]Another year maybe less
[02:04.79]Whats this I hear well cant you guess
[02:10.07]She feels neglected and hes suspected
[02:17.18]Of makin whoopee
[02:22.73]Yeah she sits alone most every night
[02:30.04]He doesnt phone he doesnt write
[02:35.50]He says hes busy but she says is he
[02:42.71]Hes makin whoopee
[02:49.64]Now he doesnt make much money
[02:57.02]Only five thousand per
[03:03.26]Some judge who thinks hes funny
[03:09.80]Says youll pay six to her
[03:15.78]He says now judge suppose I fail
[03:21.76]Judge say budge right into jail
[03:27.61]Youd better keep her I think its cheaper
[03:34.46]Than makin whoopee
[03:38.57]Yes yeah you better keep her
[03:43.80]Daddy I think its cheaper
[03:46.94]Than makin whoopee

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