Damien Jurado - I Had No Intentions

Damien Jurado - I Had No Intentions
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Artists Damien Jurado
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I had no intentions Lyrics
[00:01.15]I Had No Intentions - Damien Jurado
[00:20.96]He motioned too me from across the street
[00:28.83]His arms waving madly "Come over to me"
[00:39.28]I saw the panic as he approached
[00:48.89]We both ran quickly to the house
[00:54.19]Where the windows were shot out
[01:02.44]He lay there bleeding on the floor
[01:11.62]My mother beside him screaming "Dear Lord
[01:17.23]Someone shot my boy"
[01:25.28]I held his hand till the ambulance came
[01:34.21]Then onto a stretcher they took him away
[01:43.38]I followed close from the car behind
[01:52.55]The lights and the sirens both dull in my mind
[01:58.73]November 9
[02:25.94]Killed by a bullet from a jealous gun
[02:35.17]It rattled his eyelids and pierced through his lungs
[02:41.04]The damage now done
[02:49.09]He was seen by her lover the night before
[02:58.26]Swearing to kill him outside her door
[03:07.62]To her defense my brother walked out
[03:16.85]Raising his fists and screaming "Get out
[03:22.22]Its me shes with now "
[03:50.66]Hotel hospital the tears burned my eyes
[03:59.13]I slipped into nighttime and deep into dying
[04:04.87]Without even trying

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