Al Green - Livin' For You

Al Green - Livin' For You
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Artists Al Green
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Livin' for you Lyrics
[00:20.81]I guess theres no good reason
[00:25.57]For livin
[00:30.58]But ill keep on livin for you baby
[00:36.13]Theres nothin else to do baby
[00:41.07]But spend my life holdin and lovin you  aw aw aw
[00:50.88]If i ask you more than one million times to forgive me
[01:01.26]Youd think of a reason why
[01:06.38]That you should make me cry
[01:09.40](dont make me cry baby)
[01:11.71]Walk out and say goodbye  away from me  aw  aw  aw yeah
[01:22.97]Im tired of the bright ideas about leavin me  un huh
[01:31.10]When you know you not goin nowhere but here with me
[01:40.92]Here with me
[01:45.50]Let me tell you one thing
[01:47.50]Stop and think of just how good ive been to you baby
[01:54.07]Please oh
[01:56.57]Not causin no trouble for you baby
[02:01.50]The story just cant be true baby
[02:04.94](just cant be true baby)
[02:06.88]How can i convince you baby  but just tell you the truth
[02:12.83]Iiiiiiim breathing for you  givin for you  waiting for you
[02:24.95]Let me tell you what i know
[02:26.95]Im layin for you  prayin for you  workin for you
[02:34.46]Everyday i dont mind if i tell you that im
[02:36.96]Livin for you  not ashamed im givin to you  givin for you
[02:45.59]Oh my my
[02:47.09]Playin for you  prayin for you  (workin for you)
[02:52.09]Everything i do i  everything i do i still
[02:57.20]Do with you  something to do with you
[03:01.82]To do with you
[03:04.63]Thats why i say i wanna

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